Creekside Amenities Overview


Creekside is fortunate to have a large clubhouse spanning two floors and a basement level. The Great Room on the first floor to ceiling windows overlooking the swimming pool, a high ceiling and a balcony running around three sides of the room. Additionally there are two bathrooms and a small kitchen attached to the room. This room is furnished with tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs, and is ideal for a large gathering. This room is available for our residents to rent every day of the year.

The basement level of the clubhouse opens on to the pool deck and houses the fitness room (described below), the pool bathrooms, and a Pool Party room which can be rented most days of the week during pool season.


Located behind the Clubhouse, Creekside's popular main pool runs from 3' at the shallow end to 5' at the deep end and utilizes a salt-based chlorine generator to keep skin feeling good and to stop eyes stinging. There is a twisting water slide which splashes riders down into a landing zone extending from one corner of the pool. Additionally there is a separate baby pool which is around 6-8" deep, ideal for younger adventurers.

Tennis Courts

Creekside has two tennis courts which have markings for USTA and USTA-10U.


We have a playground for the young ones featuring a commercial playset and swings.

Fitness Room

Nestled below the bustling main floor of the Clubhouse, overlooking the scenic shallow end of the swimming pool, is Creekside's fitness room. We'll be honest, it's not much compared to the local supergym, but it works, it's air-conditioned and it's closer to home than one of the commercial offerings. We have commercial-grade equipment so while it's well loved, it has been professionally serviced and still works fine. Specifically, we have a treadmill, a bicycle, and a multigym. And a TV. Don't forget the TV.

Many thanks to Andy Doetsch for the pictures on this page.